Download Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans in Download-KittyJetpack
Clash of Clans is a game of epic battles and wars, in which users can compete with online and challenge them to battles, we can build a village and have our army or join one of another, there are thousands of strategies to combat in wars , bombs, guns , archery , giant , broken walls, etc . Plus you'll earn your gems or if you run out to buy them .

Get VPs winning battles , beat players all over the world and challenging them to beating his war also fighting the strongest kingdom and take his course, this game is full of amazing adventures which you can not miss .

Clash of Clans is a game with more than 10,000,000 installations and has a total of 3,509,931 of current users and a score of 4.6 and 2,705,245 people have called the game with 5 stars .

Feel free to download the game by clicking on the download link that will automatically take you to the official page of google play .

Clash of Clans is also available on iOS .
The game is totally free and does not need anything for your download and installation.

Download Monument Valley

In Monument Valley you must believe you are in the game , you must infiltrate into him, guiding a princess for a world of incomparable beauty , manipulate impossible architecture in this game we will make a trip to the unreal, the unimaginable , full of fantastic and impossible constructions.
Monument Valley - KittyJetpack Free Download

 Monument Valley has come recently to play store after swept iOS , is a logical platform game and we can buy for 3,95 € .

This game has excellent design , it will lead to a princess by structures that are set up every time we pass a level. We can leave and go back to another chapter , if we spent more levels increase to a different .

In this game we expect optical illusions and much logic , this game has a 3D display.

In store play Monument Valley is 4'7 note until today 4,172 total users , people becoming more and more talk of this game since so far is a very addictive game and almost everyone has it downloaded to their phones, Tablet or iPad .

While we wait to the fantastic game Kitty JetPack, download free here : Free Download Monument Valley

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Download free Atriviate

Before called "  triviados " is a game compatible with all devices.

Atriviate has over 38,260 users in total, and a score of 3.7 , has also been rated 5 star by 16,115 users.


The game is a virtual trivial in which you play with people from all over the world or your friends, you have the option of choosing random players or look for your user name , we can also find our friends on Facebook and challenge them to a game , you have to go the board and also hit the special boxes to get all the star compete with our opponents to see who knows more about: Geography , Technology , History, Science, Sports , Arts & Literature , Entertainment and Everything .

Atriviate contains over 5,000 questions where we can carry more than 2 games at a time with different opponents , win all your opponents and learn everything you did not know before.

It is a game for people of all ages from the little ones to the oldest , family play ,it's fun ! What are waiting for? , Sure all your friends have it so do not be the only one who does not have it , click on the download link and try it .

Where's My Water for Android

Do not rush to do anything , you're bored , feel like going out and getting away from it, worry no more , with Where's My Water for Android you'll have everything you need to remove the boredom, you may not know where to find this game, so we can say that is not difficult, just follow the instructions and see how easy it is to perform this task .

To download Where's My Water just have to enter the link on the bottom , wait for it to load and if you are on your PC you connect your Android device or else just press the Install button and pay the price accordingly.

But if you're on the PC enough to have the USB cable connected to your mobile device and see if it is ready and begins to download , it is extremely easy.

To play this fun game , you just need to get the hilarious crocodile can take a shower , how do you help?

To send the water to the shower you can finish this level , you just have to be careful is that the tools you use are pointing in the right direction , then turn the key to the passage of water .

Follow all levels and you will see a lot of fun for hours.

You can wait for Kitty JetPack playing with this game? We are confident that if .

While we wait to the fantastic game Kitty JetPack , Download Where's My Water for Android

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How to download 2048 Number Puzzle game for Android

Surely you pass through places where you can not do anything productive , but expect long queues , it is safe what you do at this time or sitting waiting for your girlfriend to appear , so do not get tired more, just have to have internet Android operating system.

Start downloading 2048 Number Puzzle game a very fun game, this game will open your mind while playing , each issue will have to move it and put it into the correct position. And when you have the number 2048 that means you've won , it's not hard to spend only numbers and the game will prevent you from doing certain movements, for that reason have to be smart to move .

Number Puzzle game for Android you can download from the link is down, just open it and find the official page of Google Play and you then ask to install it, if you have connected your phone and supports , start downloading , you should just wait a few moments and in few seconds you can have your game on your mobile device.

You do not need another game, this is entertaining enough to spend hours with passing numbers to where they should be , so do not get discouraged and play .

While we wait to the fantastic game Kitty JetPack , Download 2048 Number Puzzle game free for Android

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Download free Draw Something

What if you do not find at home, sure you are doing something or are you on the bus, in whatever circumstance you find, you can be having fun , you just need to download a game that will amaze you , it's Draw Something, this is a game to guess the drawing, have over 9000 words to guess, that means you have a lot of work .

To download Draw Something for Android, you only have to enter the official site of Google Play and look Draw Something, but below is the address , do not look , so after you install on your mobile , for this you need to do any of the two possible situations.

Through the PC: If you're on PC you just need to have connected your phone and is compatible with the game , that you'll see on the site part of Google Play where you indicate whether it is compatible with your phone , followed press install, wait a few minutes or seconds, and you will have installed.

On your mobile device : Just go to Google Play and search your game, just press install and within seconds you'll be playing , if you have a data account , we recommend that you will download via Wi -Fi so you do not spend it your balance or megabytes available for your account.

Usually , you already have the game, so start playing and you'll be fun.