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Before called "  triviados " is a game compatible with all devices.

Atriviate has over 38,260 users in total, and a score of 3.7 , has also been rated 5 star by 16,115 users.


The game is a virtual trivial in which you play with people from all over the world or your friends, you have the option of choosing random players or look for your user name , we can also find our friends on Facebook and challenge them to a game , you have to go the board and also hit the special boxes to get all the star compete with our opponents to see who knows more about: Geography , Technology , History, Science, Sports , Arts & Literature , Entertainment and Everything .

Atriviate contains over 5,000 questions where we can carry more than 2 games at a time with different opponents , win all your opponents and learn everything you did not know before.

It is a game for people of all ages from the little ones to the oldest , family play ,it's fun ! What are waiting for? , Sure all your friends have it so do not be the only one who does not have it , click on the download link and try it .