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In Monument Valley you must believe you are in the game , you must infiltrate into him, guiding a princess for a world of incomparable beauty , manipulate impossible architecture in this game we will make a trip to the unreal, the unimaginable , full of fantastic and impossible constructions.
Monument Valley - KittyJetpack Free Download

 Monument Valley has come recently to play store after swept iOS , is a logical platform game and we can buy for 3,95 € .

This game has excellent design , it will lead to a princess by structures that are set up every time we pass a level. We can leave and go back to another chapter , if we spent more levels increase to a different .

In this game we expect optical illusions and much logic , this game has a 3D display.

In store play Monument Valley is 4'7 note until today 4,172 total users , people becoming more and more talk of this game since so far is a very addictive game and almost everyone has it downloaded to their phones, Tablet or iPad .

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