Flappy Birds Cheats 2.0

Flappy Bird Cheats
Flappy Bird is a game with retro graphics of Nintendo Mario Bros type , basing his addiction in a basic and simple concept , so that a bird can fly higher or lower by tapping on the screen and score points . 

Sounds easy ... nope , it's hard , so we want to help .
We have prepared a mini guide of tips and tricks to help you.

1. Relax ; Although this game is hard , stress kills us , makes getting irritated and does not lead anywhere . Gentlemen Relax ... Relax!

2 . Concentration , Concentration is a key point, if you really want to move forward ... as long as you spend the game will be better that you focus on it.

3 . Balance, when you go to pass between the green tubes , you should not go too glued to the top , to raise more you try to be well attached below.

4 . Apply what you know little of physics, laying traps in the game as , for example , make up for , then having to go very fast , try to measure up much space and NO , to give you the space and can down.

5 . VERY IMPORTANT --- > Lower the sound of your phone , otherwise sounds every time you cross a tube, can be more focused on your mission.

6. Put your device in airplane mode ; Trick remember that sometimes , no internet ... no sale advertising. Furthermore also avoid having played just as you can not get a call, so bugging our progress.