Flappy bird is coming and a new game.. KITTY JETPACK

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Flappy Bird

The appearance of Flappy Bird , nerves accumulated by millions of players around the world playing it and its demise in the days following the immense success , became the first ten days of February at all crazy .

When we thought we would not see the bird never Flappy Bird hovering between pipes in our Android, the developer has released the news that could come back to us soon . Besides is preparing three new games , news given in an interview with Rolling Stone.

Know that after removal of Flappy Bird came to the fore hundreds of clones to fill the empty space left by the application , so I could be looking at one of the major reasons for its return . We do not believe that the work done with his game and has been able to impact as many players in the world , leave it in the hands of others to benefit from his creative mind.

And a curious fact , if you already used the Forbes magazine to announce the reasons for the withdrawal of Flappy Bird , has now used to Rolling Stone to report that it is preparing three new games and Flappy Bird will return, but with a sign alerting addicted players please take a break before continue playing. All three games are: Kitty JetPack , a vertical flying game ; Checkonaut , an action game of chess and western themed shooter .

Also curious is that one of the reasons he gave for withdrawing his famous game is that he did not like to put pressure and thousands of players agobiasen him all kinds of questions, but then when the truth only leaves interview for magazines renowned as Forbes and Rolling Stone said 
Nguyen seems that hides more than it wants to look for first .